• Sarah Tulej

Rotterdam Brand Photographer with visual designer Fran Cook

Woman in yellow jumper and white jeans sitting on table with mug of tea

What an absolute treat this personal branding shoot was with talented designer Francesca Cook during my summer away from Rotterdam and back home in East London. Fran was the lucky winner of a brand photography shoot with me after entering the Love Raffle, a fundraiser that I ran in July to support a friend facing eviction while recovering from cervical cancer.

Fran and got to know each other a while back at networking event Table Talk, shortly before lockdown landed and life as we know it changed. Fran is passionate about using design to create a positive impact in the world. She is one of the founders of AndGood, a studio and network harnessing creativity to create change within many domains, including health, wellbeing, environment, sustainability, education, arts and community.

Fran has had more than her fair share of challenges, having battled long Covid over many months and sharing her difficult journey in this illuminating and heartfelt article. So it was so good to see her looking healthy, shiny and full of laughter for our shoot at her home in East London. Flooded with light and vibrant colours on the wall, the flat was the perfect backdrop for her brandshoot.

Fran was keen to come away with a bank of beautiful images that were 'the complete opposite of corporate' and showed her looking her usual self – smiley and at ease – the same energy she brings to her work. She's in the process of updating her website, having grown and changed in recent years, and wanted to make sure she could boost her visibility and absolutely show her authentic self.

This is one of my favourite shoots to date. I had to stop myself from chatting through the whole thing and make sure we fitted in all the shots. I had a really hard time editing them down because Fran looked so great and so I couldn't resist giving her a few extras.

Website: http://www.francescacook.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cookfrancesca/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/francescacook

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Woman holding cup of tea at table with colourful mat
Woman pouring tea into a cup in Rotterdam brand photography shoot
Brand photography shoot of woman laughing holding cup of tea in front of bookshelf
Woman in black top looking out of window in white room
Brand photography shoot of woman working at laptop with post-its in background
Woman at desk laughing with post-its in background
Woman writing in notepad at desk
Brand photography showing hands on laptop on wooden desk
Woman in yellow jumper at top of stairs in front of framed prints
Woman in yellow jumper leaning against dark blue wall
Brand photography of woman in yellow jumper tending houseplants
Woman in yellow jumper sitting on wooden table
Brand photo of woman in yellow jumper leaning on staircase bannister

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